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Fri Apr 2 04:59:40 CEST 2010

On 01:14 am, srosborne at wrote:
>Hi, I could use some advice on my project.
>It's a browser-based MMOG: "The High Seas" (working title)
>Basically it is a trading game set in 1600s or 1700s ... inspirations:
>Patrician 3, Mine Things, Space Rangers 2, ...
>Travel between cities takes several days: game updates trading ship
>positions every 10 minutes.  Apart from that it handles player input
>to buy/sell goods, if their ship is in port.
>I want the game logic and world state data storage on a webserver,
>with players connecting via web browser.  Also, I want to make an
>"admin mode" client for me to keep track of the world and add changes
>to game world stuff.
>I want to use Python but I haven't ever used it in a web context.
> lists several different
>options for Python Web Frameworks: Django, Grok, Pylons, TurboGears,
>web2py, Zope.  I've heard of Django and Grok...that's about my level
>of knowledge here.
>My question: can any of these frameworks help me with what I'm trying
>to do?

This is something that Twisted and Nevow Athena will probably be really 
good at doing (a lot better than the ones you've mentioned above, I 

You can find an Athena introduction here (at least for now, the content 
might move to another site before too long):


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