Python and read archives?

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Fri Apr 2 04:54:44 EDT 2010


I want to make a multios (Win/Lin) Python based media catalog program, but  
I have a little problem with reading archives.
Ok, Python supports zip and tar, but the world have more archives, like  
"rar", "7z", "tar.gz", "gz", etc.

First I was happy with 7z.exe, because it is knows many formats, and 7z L  
"filename" command can retreive the list of files.
Great! - I thought...

But later I realized that password protection is halt the the 7z with  
password prompt.

And I cannot ignore this with options as I see.

I search for a solution to read archives (only filenames) if possible. I  
saw that 7z have callable dll, but I don't know, how to use it from python.

Do you knows about a tool, or a code to read these archives, or or or...?

Thanks for your help:

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