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On Apr 3, 8:00 am, superpollo <ute... at> wrote:
> Patrick Maupin ha scritto:
> > On Apr 2, 2:41 pm, Andreas Waldenburger <use... at geekmail.INVALID>
> > wrote:
> >> While everyone else is mocking you: Can you please elaborate on why you
> >> want to know and what kind of problem you're trying to solve with this?
> >> Also, don't you think you should have picked a maths forum for this
> >> kind of question?
> > Methinks the OP is fluent in the way of choosing newsgroups.
> > According to google, he has posted 6855 messages in 213 groups.
> >
> > And I can't speak for anybody else, but I just assumed it was an April
> > Fool's question.  I meant to be laughing with the OP, not at him, so
> > sorry if I misunderstood.
> no no you understood prfectly *but* the thing is i am a regular in an
> italian language math ng which is haunted by a crackpot who insists that
> 1/2 * 1/2 cannot be 1/4, "because multiplication means getting bigger",
> so i took a semi-serious stance and made a few posts as a statistical
> tentative to "convince" said crackpot that the world is not going crazy
> (but maybe he is)

I seriously doubt your crackpot friend actually believes that.
Probably more troll than crackpot. Showing him articles and
programs that prove your premise will accomplish nothing.

However, if you personally wanted information on programming
with rational numbers, you came to the right place.

> thanks
> ps: note that my nickname is not unique, and there are a few people
> whith the same one... and i didn't ever post using googlegroups

What does it mean, "super chicken?

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