off topic but please forgive me me and answer

superpollo utente at
Sat Apr 3 11:56:59 EDT 2010

Patrick Maupin ha scritto:
> On Apr 3, 8:00 am, superpollo <ute... at> wrote:
>>> sorry if I misunderstood.
>> no no you understood prfectly *but* the thing is i am a regular in an
>> italian language math ng which is haunted by a crackpot who insists that
>> 1/2 * 1/2 cannot be 1/4, "because multiplication means getting bigger",
>> so i took a semi-serious stance and made a few posts as a statistical
>> tentative to "convince" said crackpot that the world is not going crazy
>> (but maybe he is)
> If I read correctly (using my non-existent Italian, and heavily
> relying on my tiny bit of Spanish and a lot of google translate), it
> appears that you are what I would call a high-school math/science
> teacher, who takes students to competitions?

right -- almost! i don't take them to competitions (i am not an official 
trainer) but sometimes give some general advice to students who would be 
inclined to compete, if they ask me.


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