Is there any library for indexing binary data?

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>Well, Database is not proper because 1. the table is very big (~10^9
>rows) 2. we should support very fast *simple* query that is to get
>value corresponding to single key (~10^7 queries / second).
>Currently, I have implemented a specific algorithm to deal with my
>problem. However, I want to employ some library to simplify codings,
>otherwise I have to write my own code for each big table. It is
>possible that, after using indexing library, the program cannot run as
>fast as homemade code. But if it can greatly simplify my job and can
>provide satisfied speed (eg 10^5~10^6 queries / second), the indexing
>library is still a good choice for me.

At first sight this looks to me like B-trees would be an ideal
solution. The first levels of the tree are in memory, so with some
luck you have only one or two disk accesses per search.


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