off topic but please forgive me me and answer

superpollo utente at
Sun Apr 4 17:41:15 CEST 2010

rantingrick ha scritto:
> On Apr 1, 3:44 pm, superpollo <ute... at> wrote:
>> how much is one half times one half?
> This is amazing, how can such an off topic post based completely on
> lunacy exist so long here? 54 posts and counting. I think i had this
> very argument in grade school. We have SD'A, Tim Chase, MSRB, and yes
> even Steve Holden again participating in the troll fest (even though
> some of their arguments are true). Of course i would expect mensenator
> to jump into this, but...
> A while back i had wondered why Guido never posts to anymore.
> Was it because he thinks himself better than us, no, it's because of
> the "low-brow-infantile-Jerry-Springer-ish-nature" that this list has
> imploded into. *puke*

relax mate.

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