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Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Tue Apr 6 18:15:47 CEST 2010

On 2010-04-06, Jean-Michel Pichavant <jeanmichel at> wrote:
> Pablo Recio Quijano wrote:
>> Why must be commercial, when there is open and free alternatives? Like 
>> GNU Plot.
> Gnuplot is ugly. I'm using it because I don't care if it's ugly but it 
> clearly lacks of look & feel for presentations, as requested by the OP.
In other words, Gnuplot presents information in a clear, obfuscated
manner.  Definitely not the thing for presentations.

Nothing hides that unpleasant, inconvenient data better than adding a
lot of colors, drop-shadows, and of course the unneeded "3d" look
complete with a weird perspective.

> You have
> which is free and looks better than gnuplot. I'm not sure it's well 
> suited for presentation though.

Agreed. It's almost as bad at data-obfuscation as Gnuplot.

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