Striving for PEP-8 compliance

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> I've written a bunch of internal libraries for my company, and they
> all use two space indents, and I'd like to be more consistent and
> conform to PEP-8 as much as I can. (in the Tools directory of your Python installation) does  
exactly that.

> My problem is I would like to be certain that any changes do not alter
> the logic of the libraries. When doing this in C, I would simply
> compile each module to an object file, calculate the MD5 of the object
> file, then make the whitespace changes, recompile the object file and
> compare the checksums. If the checksums match, then the files are
> equivalent.

If you only reindent the code (without adding/removing lines) then you can  
compare the compiled .pyc files (excluding the first 8 bytes that contain  
a magic number and the source file timestamp). Remember that code objects  
contain line number information.

Gabriel Genellina

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