ftp and python

Tim Chase python.list at tim.thechases.com
Wed Apr 7 21:25:10 EDT 2010

Matjaz Pfefferer wrote:
> What would be the easiest way to copy files from one ftp
> folder to another without downloading them to local system?

As best I can tell, this isn't well-supported by FTP[1] which 
doesn't seem to have a native "copy this file from 
server-location to server-location bypassing the client". 
There's a pair of RNFR/RNTO commands that allow you to rename (or 
perhaps move as well) a file which ftplib.FTP.rename() supports 
but it sounds like you want too copies.

When I've wanted to do this, I've used a non-FTP method, usually 
SSH'ing into the server and just using "cp".  This could work for 
you if you have pycrypto/paramiko installed.

Your last hope would be that your particular FTP server has some 
COPY extension that falls outside of RFC parameters -- something 
that's not a portable solution, but if you're doing a one-off 
script or something in a controlled environment, could work.

Otherwise, you'll likely be stuck slurping the file down just to 
send it back up.



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