Regex driving me crazy...

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Thu Apr 8 04:10:36 CEST 2010

On Apr 7, 9:02 pm, James Stroud <nospamjstroudmap... at>
> Patrick Maupin wrote:
> > BTW, although I find it annoying when people say "don't do that" when
> > "that" is a perfectly good thing to do, and although I also find it
> > annoying when people tell you what not to do without telling you what
> > *to* do, and although I find the regex solution to this problem to be
> > quite clean, the equivalent non-regex solution is not terrible
> I propose a new way to answer questions on c.l.python that will (1) give respondents the pleasure of vague admonishment and (2) actually answer the question. The way I propose utilizes the double negative. For example:
> "You are doing it wrong! Don't not do <code>re.split('\s{2,}', s[2])</code>."
> Please answer this way in the future.

I most certainly will not consider when that isn't warranted!

OTOH, in general I am more interested in admonishing the authors of
the pseudo-answers than I am the authors of the questions, despite the
fact that I find this hilarious:


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