python as pen and paper substitute

Giacomo Boffi giacomo.boffi at
Fri Apr 9 11:28:27 CEST 2010

Manuel Graune <manuel.graune at> writes:

> Giacomo Boffi <giacomo.boffi at> writes:
>> Manuel Graune <manuel.graune at> writes:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I am looking for ways to use a python file as a substitute for simple
>>> pen and paper calculations.
>> search("embedded calc mode") if manuel in emacs_fellows_set or sys.exit(1)
> Well, the subject does say python

and so i answered in python...

seriously, embedded calc mode is not mathematica's notebooks but is
usable for doing "live maths" in a text buffer

> I'm a vim-user anyways.

sorry... otoh, vim is scriptable in python.  i know less than nothing
on this subject but i'd be surprised if something akin to your request
were not available

> *duckandrun*

tanto ti ripiglio
non ho capito un apascio                           -- pp, tra se e se 

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