Event: First meeting of Karlsruhe User Group (tentatively named "KaPy"), 2010-04-16, 19:00:00 CEST

Jürgen Erhard jurgen.erhard at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 00:42:21 CEST 2010

A new user group is being set up by some interested pythoneers from
(around) Karlsruhe.

The first meeting will be on Friday, 2010-04-16 (April 16th, 2010) at
19:00 (7pm) in the rooms of Entropia eV (the local affiliate of the
CCC).  See http://entropia.de/wiki/Anfahrt on how to get there.  Or
reply to me if you need instructions in English; there's a map on that
page, but the devil's in the details, as always.

Bye, J

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