Striving for PEP-8 compliance

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Sat Apr 10 11:44:46 EDT 2010

On Apr 10, 5:10 am, Lawrence D'Oliveiro <l... at geek-
central.gen.new_zealand> wrote:
> In message <18988a53-e88f-4abf-
> a83a-314b16653... at>, Patrick Maupin wrote:
> > I want nothing to do with any programmer who would mis-indent their
> > code.
> But what happens when you’re trying to reconcile two different indentation
> conventions? In Python, there can be problems doing that without introducing
> logic errors. That’s what this thread is about.

Well, I think Steven pointed out how this isn't usually, really, a
problem, and I tried to point out (in a section of my posting you
didn't quote) that you will have to deal with stupid little nits in
life no matter which way you go.

Personally, for me, this particular thing is a non-issue.  If I'm
getting a code snippet from somewhere, fixing it up is not a problem,
and if I'm using a module or more from somewhere, I am not obsessive
about changing it to PEP 8.


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