[Python-Dev] [RELEASED] 2.7 beta 1

average dreamingforward at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 00:13:49 CEST 2010

> On behalf of the Python development team, I'm merry to announce the first beta
> release of Python 2.7.
> Python 2.7 is scheduled (by Guido and Python-dev) to be the last major version
> in the 2.x series.  Though more major releases have not been absolutely ruled
> out, it's likely that the 2.7 release will an extended period of maintenance for
> the 2.x series.

May I propose that the developers consider keeping this release *beta*
until after the present Python moratorium?  That is, don't let it be
marked as *official* until after, say, Python 3.3.

There are so many features taken from 3.0 that I fear that it will
postpone its adoption interminably (it is, in practice, treated as
"beta" software itself).  By making it doctrine that it won't be
official until the next "major" Python release, it will encourage
those who are able, to just make the jump to 3.0, while those who
cannot will have the subtle pressure to make the shift, however
gradual.  Additionally, it will give the community further incentive
to make Python3 all that it was intended to be.  Personally, the
timing of v3 prevented me from fully participating in that effort,
and, not ignoring the work of those who did contribute, I think many
of us feel that it has not reached its potential.

Just a small suggestion... .. .


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