finding objects in a piece of functional code ?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sun Apr 11 10:24:03 EDT 2010

Stef Mientki, 10.04.2010 18:08:
> I would like to translate some functional description into some standard
> class object,
> so it can be used as a basic building brick into a larger piece of code.
> Suppose the functional description is:
> Name = 'Test_Function'
> Out = 3 * In

Ok, so you want to implement a domain specific language (DSL) for function 
post conditions.

First thing to ask: how expressive do you want this language to be? If the 
answer is "as expressive as the code it describes", then you will end up 
needing a turing-complete programming language, in which case you may want 
to use plain Python code instead of writing your own language. See the 
doctest module.

Implementing a language that can express "x*3" is relatively(!) easy, but I 
would guess that you want your post conditions to be a little more 
expressive than that.

Could you describe why you want such a language in the first place? What 
feature do you need that cannot be expressed using doctests, for example?


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