[Edu-sig] [ANNC] pynguin-0.7 (python turtle graphics application)

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 04:58:21 CEST 2010

2010/4/11 Lee Harr <missive at hotmail.com>:
> Pynguin is a python-based turtle graphics application.
>     It combines an editor, interactive interpreter, and
>     graphics display area.
> It is meant to be an easy environment for introducing
>     some programming concepts to beginning programmers.
> http://pynguin.googlecode.com/

Lee, are you familiar with the Turtle Art activity in Sugar for the
OLPC XO, also written in Python? It provides blocks for integrating
Python code. You might want to talk to Walter Bender of Sugar Labs
about his plans for expanding TA, some of which match yours.

I have been thinking about how to integrate all of this into a
curriculum where we would apply turtle graphics to many subjects
starting in first grade or perhaps earlier, and later teach
programming and Computer Science within this environment rather than
purely as text.

> This release changes the method of starting and stopping
>     the separate code-running threads. It should be much
>     less susceptible to lock-ups and crashes, though I
>     am still experiencing occasional problems.
> Pynguin is tested with Python 2.6.4 and uses PyQt (4.6)
>     for its GUI elements. Pynguin is released under GPLv3.
> Changes in pynguin-0.7:
>     - fixed deadlock when running with many pynguins at instant speed
>     - new threading model greatly reduces problems with lock-ups
>     - added more multi-pynguin examples
>     - added commands turnto('random') and lineto('random')
>     - added more random color possibilities ('rlight', 'rmedium', 'rdark')
>     - allow named colors and html-style colors
>     - added command clear()
>     - added equation plotting examples - cartesian and polar
>     - re-center on (0, 0) when moving view splitter
>     - added svg/pdf worksheets
> Changes in pynguin-0.6:
>     - fixed crash when using new_pynguin()
>     - fixed possible crash during startup (due to race condition)
>     - added goto('random') and xy() to easily get coordinates
>     - added keyword args for fill -- fill(color=..., rule=...)
>     - added easier access for fillcolor 'random'
>     - added examples using multiple pynguins
>     - remove any added pynguins when using reset()
>     - set window title when using Save As...
>     - better error messages when loading file with errors
>     - whitespace cleanup when saving files
>     - render About image and title at runtime
>     - more examples
> Changes in pynguin-0.5:
>     - catch errors when processing graphic move queue
>     - capture and hold stdout and stderr
>     - call str() on argument to write
>     - guard against sending non-int to color
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