Tempering Client Expectations (OT)

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> your own inaccurate assumptions and answer those, please.
> Heh, my wife and I joke that in those "can this marriage be saved"
> newspaper columns, every answer boils down to "communication is key".  Keep
> the customer tightly in the loop with regular communication -- frequent
> feedback regarding progress, costs, and whether your shared understanding
> coincides helps prevent developers from wandering off for 6months only to
> come back with 6mo of costs for a project that doesn't meet the client's
> expectations.  The customer may cut you off if progress is too slow or
> costly, but the earlier that happens, the less pain for both parties.

Yeah, that's pretty much where I'm seeing it, too. Parameterize customer
expectations as much as practicable up front so it's less painful down the

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