Write web apps in Python?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon Apr 12 14:52:07 CEST 2010

Gilles Ganault, 12.04.2010 11:57:
> I'd like to make sure I understand what the options are to write web
> applications in Python:
> - à la PHP, using Apache's mod_python
> - using eg. Lighttpd and configuring it to load the Python interpreter
> every time a Python script is called (www.jakehilton.com/?q=node/54)
> - long-running process, by compiling the Python script as a
> stand-alone program that will then wait for queries on a port and
> being called by the web server through eg. the WSGI

Those are "deployment" options, not "write" (== design/implementation) 
options. If you stick to a WSGI compatible framework, you are free to 
deploy your application any way you like or need, depending on the specific 
context or environment.

> As for writing apps, I can either built it from scratch, or use
> frameworks like Pylons, TurboGears, or Django.

Amongst tons of other options, as already pointed out.


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