Handling quotes in xml.dom text nodes

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Tue Apr 13 12:35:00 EDT 2010

Chaim Krause, 13.04.2010 17:26:
> I am building a web page (HTML 4.01 Transitional) using
> xml.dom.minidom. I have created a<script>  node and I have added the
> Javascript as a child text node. The issue is that the Javascript
> includes quotes that I want to survive when I write the XML to a file.
> The issue for me is that they are translated into".

You should use an HTML generator tool rather than a generic XML tool like 
xml.dom.minidom. You need something that knows that the <script> tag 
contains CDATA content in HTML, and that can serialise in an HTML aware way 
(self-closing tags, etc.).

Check the Python Wiki or PyPI, they have tons of HTML generators.


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