packaging multiple python scripts as Windows exe file

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On Apr 13, 9:56 pm, Mike Driscoll <kyoso... at> wrote:
> On Apr 12, 5:20 pm, Alex Hall <mehg... at> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > While my project is still suffering from major import problems, I will
> > soon have to try to package it as a Windows executable file. I do not
> > want an installer; I want the user to be able to run the program for
> > as long as they want, then to quit (by using a command from inside the
> > program) and that is it. Nothing to install, no files to copy, no
> > registry editing, just start and use it until done.
> > I know about the popular solutions for this sort of thing, but I read
> > that a DLL is required, and that this dll cannot be (legally)
> > distributed by myself? A few questions here:
> > 1. Did I read this wrong / is this outdated? Please answer 'yes' as
> > this will be a real pain to deal with.
> > 2. If I must have it but can distribute it, where should it go so my
> > program can find it?
> > 3. If the user must download it for legal reasons, instead of me
> > giving it to them, can I just have a Python script take care of it and
> > put it in the same directory as the program, so the program can find
> > it, or do I need to register the dll with the system? If I need to
> > register, does this require admin login?
> > Thanks as always!
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> > Have a great day,
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> > mehg... at;
> Without knowing the exact DLL you're thinking of, we can't be sure
> what the answer is. But I think you're talking about a certain MS DLL
> that Python distributes. If so, I've read multiple threads on this
> topic that claim that since Python distributes it, there is an implied
> permission that you can as well. Since I'm not a lawyer, I can't say
> for sure, but the articles I've seen are pretty convincing.
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the OP probably means MSVCR71.dll that is needed to make single file
executables with py2exe.
This has been discussed elsewhere. Look at


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