msvcr90.dll is MIA?

Alex Hall mehgcap at
Wed Apr 14 14:25:54 CEST 2010

I notice that I do not have the dll when py2exe says it cannot locate
the dll. If I need vs2008, then what good is vcredist_xxx.exe? It does
not seem to give me the dll, but the py2exe tutorial says that it
will. What am I missing?

On 4/14/10, Christian Heimes <lists at> wrote:
> On 14.04.2010 13:22, Alex Hall wrote:
>> I tried both vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe, with no result; I
>> still do not have the required dll (I have 32-bit python, so the _x86
>> should have done the trick). I will try another poster's suggestion of
>> installing vcpp express 2005 and hope that will work...
> How do you notice that you don't have the required DLL? The DLLs aren't
> copied into system32. The new location is the side by side assembly
> directory WinSxS. You need adminstration privileges to install SxS
> assemblies.
> By the way VC Express 2005 is the wrong version. Python 2.6 and newer
> are compiled with VS 2008.
> Christian
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