msvcr90.dll is MIA?

Alex Hall mehgcap at
Wed Apr 14 16:13:52 CEST 2010

On 4/14/10, Enrico <nospam at> wrote:
> Il 14/04/2010 14:25, Alex Hall ha scritto:
>> I notice that I do not have the dll when py2exe says it cannot locate
>> the dll. If I need vs2008, then what good is vcredist_xxx.exe? It does
>> not seem to give me the dll, but the py2exe tutorial says that it
>> will. What am I missing?
> Alex, the DLLs are in winsxs, try searching there.
They are not there, unless I am in the wrong folder. I searched in
> For py2exe, it doesn't find the DLLs so you should provide them. In my
> (I use also the wxPython lib so something could be different) I
> added:
> def isSystemDLL(pathname):
>      if os.path.basename(pathname).lower() in ('msvcp90.dll'):
>          return 0
>      return origIsSystemDLL(pathname)
> origIsSystemDLL = py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL
> py2exe.build_exe.isSystemDLL = isSystemDLL
> Then I added to 'dll_excludes' the same 'msvcp90.dll'.
> In this way py2exe is ok without this DLL and can build the excutable.
> Note that the dll that py2exe is looking for is msvcp90 in my case.
> Then I added a subdirectory with the DLLs (msvcr90, msvcp90, msvcm90) to
> the distribution directory. You need a manifest too :-)
> Ok, it seems complex but you can check the followings
I have looked there, that is where I got the redist exe file which did
not work. I then went and got a copy of the file right from Microsoft,
but no luck there either.
> (related to wxPython but look at the
> manifest)
> An other solution is to run the vcredist on the target machine and the
> application will run. This is the suggested solution if you cannot
> distibute the DLLs.
I cannot distribute them. So you are saying to compile without the
dll, then run the redist file? I would much rather package everything
as this is meant to be a stand-alone app, runable from anywhere (even
a thumb drive on a computer on which you are a guest, like a hotel or
library machine). It is not meant to install anything or copy any
files, just run in memory and then close when the user decides to
> Bye, Enrico
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