Destructor being called twice?

DreiJane 1 at
Wed Apr 14 21:52:46 CEST 2010


i'd like to comment a bit off-topic. The way you call gtk.main_quit()
is probably not
the safest.

Callling gtk.main_quit() from a lambda expression is in the tutorials,
but never worked
on my WindowsXP (SP3 too). The delete-event is the last event before
the "destroy" and
the place for callbacks like "Do you really want to ....", "You have
changed data - Save ?"
and so on. It can even be used not to shutdown eventually.
gtk.main_quit() is better
connected to "destroy" of the toplevel window of your app. Connecting
it to any event
before could cause leaking for example (and there is a possibility,
that this causes
the strange behavior you noticed).

Then "A().show()" - do you really want to create such an anonymous
gtk.Window ?
Why not the natural my_app_window = A() ...;  ?

Kind regards, Joost

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