user rights and python com servers

sniffer adi at
Fri Apr 16 00:40:31 EDT 2010

On Apr 16, 6:01 am, Mark Hammond <skippy.hamm... at> wrote:
> On 15/04/2010 6:05 PM, sniffer wrote:
> > hi all,
> > i am facing a peculiar problem with a python com server i've developed
> > the com server runs fine in winxp  standalone systems but if the
> > system is part of a domain then until the logged in user is given
> > power user rights i am unable to register the dll using regsvr32 , a
> > similar problem i face on vista system here unless and untill the app
> > utilising the dll is run with admin privelleges the dll does not get
> > registered and does not function as a result.
> This is a "feature" of Vista and later - you must have elevated
> permissions to write to the place in the registry where "global" COM
> objects are stored.  By default, the standard win32com registration code
> will attempt to elevate and register if necessary.
> Note that it is also possible in theory to register COM objects just for
> a single user,while win32com doesn't support that directly it
> shouldn't be hard to support this with a few changes to
> win32com\server\
> HTH,
> Mark

Thanks Mark,
 just one question does the explanation given above by you also apply
to winxp systems in a domain,if so then what is the minimum level of
user rights required for the com server to run without hiccups.


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