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Vijay Shanker Dubey vijay.shad at
Sat Apr 17 18:32:24 CEST 2010


My Linux box is ubuntu system. I want to create a development environment on
my system for python programing language. I got to see there are two
versions of python language

1. python 2.5.6
2. python 3.1.2

To find out what version i look in to my "/usr/bin" folder. There are many
entries for python command

- python
- python2
- python2.5
- python2.6
- python3
- python3.1

what does this mean? I am able to run run my first program with all these
command. should i remove all these and have the latest one? I am confused
about these finding. Is this okay to have these all?

Vijay Shanker Dubey
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