shove does not store data as expected

Alex metallourlante at
Wed Apr 21 13:37:45 CEST 2010

On 21 Apr, 12:36, Chris Rebert <c... at> wrote:
> Explanation:
> The explicit assignment back to the `store` pseudo-dictionary lets it
> properly update its internal state to reflect the change to the value
> (in this case, the list) associated with the region key. In your
> original version, you merely modified the list in-place, and (due to
> the way Python works) `store` has no way of knowing that you've done
> that and thus doesn't do the necessary bookkeeping, hence the behavior
> you're observing.
> See also:
> And further note that shove seems to be beta and (apart from
> docstrings in the source code) undocumented.

Thanks a lot for the clear explanation. It works!
I will read the docs more carefully next time :-)


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