Windows debugging symbols for python 2.5.4 and pywin32 214

Alexandre Fayolle alexandre.fayolle at
Wed Apr 21 23:23:37 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

I have a production server running a Windows Service written in Python, which 
uses python 2.5.4 (yes I know it is old, but I am somewhat stuck with this for 
now) and pywin32 214. 

Given a set of manipulations, I get a stack overflow in the service, and a bad  
crash. The same operation when running without 
win32serviceutil.ServiceFramework does not trigger the bug. I'm looking for 
some debugging tools (debug build of the interpreter and the pywin32 
libraries) that some good soul could have kept from a previous debugging 
session to try to get a C stack trace and understand what causes this. 

Any hint towards what could cause that stack overflow would be welcome too. 
The application is multithreaded (and uses pyro and twisted). I can provide 
more information for the curious. 

Many thanks. 

Alexandre Fayolle
Logilab, Paris, France. 

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