Japanese (speaking) developer needed for a bit of regex magic

Sebastian basti at redtoad.de
Thu Apr 22 08:27:46 CEST 2010

> > This works fine as long as they are in English:
> > "??? is not a valid  value for BrowseNodeId.
>  >  Please change this value and retry your request.",
>  > for instance, will raise an InvalidParameterValue
> > exception. However, the Japanese version returns the error message "???
> > は、BrowseNodeIdの値として無効です。値を変更してから、再度リクエストを実行してください。"
> My daughter, in 2nd year college Japanese, says that the above is
> basically a translation of the English boilerplate. The only variable
> info is 'BrowserNodeId', which you can read just fine already.
> So we do not understand what your problem is and what you want to
> accomplish.
> > I have a collection of sample messages here (all files *-jp-*.xml):
> >http://bitbucket.org/basti/python-amazon-product-api/src/tip/tests/20...
> Is this a commercial product? Are you willing to pay for serious help,
> if needed?
> Terry Jan Reedy

I just wanted to know if the Japanese version said the same. I'll
probably simply return the error message in full. Any Japanese
(speaking) developer will then know what caused the exception.

Thanks for your help.

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