Linux servers, network and file names

Tim Golden mail at
Thu Apr 22 11:04:11 EDT 2010

On 22/04/2010 15:13, Infinity77 wrote:
> [I] choose this file myself, the FileDialog (a window representing a file
> selector dialog) will return something like this (let's ignore the
> back/forward slashes, this is not an issue):
> Y:/Folder/FileName.txt
> If my colleague does it, he will get:
> Z:/Folder/FileName.txt
> Even if I am able to work out the server name using the Windows drive
> letter (and I was able to do it, now I don't remember anymore how to
> do it), what I get is:
> For me:  //SERVER/gavana/Folder/FileName.txt
> Colleague: //SERVER/Colleague/Folder/FileName.txt

Why do you and your colleagues have different share names?

Can you just use a UNC like the above and end up with the same path?


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