Linux servers, network and file names

Infinity77 andrea.gavana at
Fri Apr 23 08:48:46 EDT 2010

Hi Martin & All,

On Apr 23, 9:50 am, "Martin P. Hellwig" wrote:
> On 04/22/10 15:13, Infinity77 wrote:
> <cut>
> > For me:  //SERVER/gavana/Folder/FileName.txt
> > Colleague: //SERVER/Colleague/Folder/FileName.txt
> > So, no matter what I do, the file name stored in the database is user-
> > dependent and not universal and common to all of us.
> If that user dependent part happens to be equal to the login name, then
> what you could do is replace is with the username variable (I believe
> %USERNAME% on windows) instead.

The funny thing is that the user dependent part *is* the login name,
but not the Windows one, it is the *Linux SERVER* one, and no mapping
has been done between Windows logins and Linux usernames. IT...

Anyway, it seems like Tim's suggestion is working (for the moment), so
I'll stick with it as this network/filenames issue has already taken
me a ridiculous amount of time to fix :-)

Thank you guys for your help!


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