WIN32 - get the GUID of a Network Device

Richard Lamboj richard.lamboj at
Mon Apr 26 04:49:18 EDT 2010

Am Monday 26 April 2010 10:14:24 schrieb Tim Golden:
> On 26/04/2010 09:06, Richard Lamboj wrote:
> > is there a way to get the GUID from a Network Device?
> Are you talking about the MAC address? If so, here's
> one way:
> <code>
> import wmi
> for nic in wmi.WMI ().Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration ():
>    print nic.caption, "=>", nic.MACAddress
> </code>
> If you're not, then which GUID are you referring to?


thanks for your response. No, i don't mean the MAC Address. I mean the GUID -> 
Sample: {1E2428C1-9F2C-48D7-AB53-3229DFB7E217}

I want to change TcpAckFrequency and TcpDelTicks of a Network Interface. I Try 
to change it over the Registry, but maybe there is another way?

Kind Regards,


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