pyjamas 0.7 released

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Mon Apr 26 19:25:24 EDT 2010

On Apr 26, 4:12 pm, lkcl <luke.leigh... at> wrote:

>  and, given that you can use AJAX (e.g. JSONRPC) to communicate with a
> server-side component, installed on and effectively do the
> exact same thing, nobody bothers.

I suppose, but again, that pushes off the security thing.  There are a
lot of obvious ways to make unintended security holes in a
application, so I'm sure there are also a lot of ways that would be
unobvious to this security non-expert.  And, of course, the real
dealbreaker is, it still requires a separate install.

> > That's understood (and a great thing).  But if programmers could usepyjamas in the browser without an extra download to get to all the
> > desktop features (which is how it *appears* to most users when they
> > use flash or something like that),
>  no - it's not going to happen: it's _required_ to install the flash
> plugin.

Yeah, but *everybody knows* you have to have the flash plugin.  It's a
given.  Even if you write an exciting new flash app, probably only
0.01% of your userbase will need to install flash; everybody else will
already have it installed.

> > Alternatively, a single small download of a broswer add-on package to
> > bring pyjamas desktop features into the browser (maybe even just for
> > mozilla for now) would be awesome, as well.
>  on debian/testing: "apt-get install hulahop python-xpcom" - actually
> you just do "apt-get install pyjamas-desktop" because hulahop, python-
> xpcom are dependencies and xulrunner is a sub-dependency.
>  on win32: it's an additional 350k install: python "comtypes".  that's
> _it_ - that's all - and you're done: everything else is already there
> (MSHTML.DLL is the key but you need the MSXML dll as well, but, duhh,
> those come pre-installed with the OS, duhh)
>  otherwise, you'd need that whopping 10mb python-inside-a-plugin, and
> i'd need to port pyjd to it. loovely.  i look forward to receiving
> sponsorship to do that (probably about 2 weeks work: it's not rocket
> science, now that there's 4 pyjd ports).

I really appreciate your thoughts and these suggestions.  But if you
could extend "look, here's this awesome asteroids game, and you don't
have to install anything!" to "look, here's this <arbitrary business
app> and it stores all its data on your local machine, and you don't
have to install anything!" that would be effing awesome.

Next best would be the python-in-a-plugin.  I think if someone steps
up to the plate and supports your development of that, it would make a
great delivery mechanism for programs.

Best regards,

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