os x compile, install?

Benjamin Kaplan benjamin.kaplan at case.edu
Wed Apr 28 10:57:52 EDT 2010

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 4:35 AM, Rob <rob.nikander at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 28, 2:09 pm, Rob <rob.nikan... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Python on my system is behaving badly, so I want to create a new
>> install from source code.  I have OS X 10.6.2, I downloaded the source
>> code (Python-2.6.5.tar.bz2) and did the usual, ./configure, make, sudo
>> make install.  Build went fine.  But on install, why is it putting
>> things is my home directory?
> Doh!  Nevermind...  I had created a ~/.pydistutils.cfg file a
> couple weeks ago, for some stupid reason I can't remember.  I forgot
> to delete that file.  It's contents were:
> [install]
> install_lib = ~/Library/Python/$py_version_short/site-packages
> install_scripts = ~/bin
> So it was overriding the normal setup.py behavior.
> Rob

On OS X, you're probably going to want to do a Framework install
instead of just a normal build. (If you don't do this, you won't be
able to make a GUI).

./configure --enable-framework
sudo make install

That will generate the app bundles for you (IDLE, Python Launcher, and
so on) and make a framework in /Library/Frameworks.  For more
information about the Mac-specific options, look at the README inside
the Mac folder of the source.

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