convert n-byte string into integer

MRAB python at
Wed Apr 28 17:03:03 EDT 2010

Maligree wrote:
> Hello there.
> Since this is one of those problems that may have some painfully
> simple solution that will make me feel like a fool, I'll start of with
> this: it's _very_ late (.. yeah, it's not).
> To the point.
> Data returned by socket.recvfrom is a string. Obviously one that most
> of the time will contain non-printable characters. Let's say
> data[10:14] is a four byte integer. How can I convert the string
> data[10:14] to a python integer object?
> Or perhaps there's a totally different, *Pythonic*, approach to this
> (extracting data from these packet-representing strings). C may have
> poisoned my mind.
> Thanks for reading, hoping for some ideas.
Use the 'unpack' function from the 'struct' module.

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