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Thu Apr 29 09:04:26 EDT 2010

On Apr 29, 6:37 am, Wolfgang Strobl <ne... at> wrote:
> Look at it from the point of view of people walking by, trying to decide
> whether they should invest some of their time into digging into yet
> another framework and library.

 yes.  _their_ time - not mine.  the pyjamas project has always been
done on the basis that skilled software developers such as myself and
others ... how-to-say... "invite" other people to benefit from the
fact that they want to have tools which make _their_ lives easier.

 as we receive absolutely no money of any kind from any sponsor or
other free software organisation nor from any corporation, there _is_
no money to spend on doing the "usual" kind of free software project,
where the developers are paid / funded to deal with issues effectively
"for free".

 so instead i encourage and invite people to contribute, and some do,
and some don't: the end-result is the product of everyone's collective

> >> and that there is no way of
> >> telling, other than by trying each one out in turn?
> > yepp  that's correct.  across multiple browsers and across multiple
> >desktop platforms.  nine in total.  which is why i asked for community
> >input this time.
> It's hard to come by with valuable input when the baseline - what is
> expected to work under which circumstances is unknown. Don't expect the
> community having as much knowledge about all the relevant topics as you
> have.

 at least _some_ input would be good!  the knowledge doesn't have to
be there: just the bugreports saying "there's a problem and here's
exactly how you reproduce it" would be a start!

> So please make it simpler for more people to help.

 ... how?? there's a bugtracker, wiki, svn repository, over 30
examples and a developer list.  the code really _is_ very very small
(the UI widget set, with around 75 widgets, minus the license header
text is only around 4,000 lines _total_, making it very very simple
and very very easy for people to get used to).  suggestions welcome!

> Other people have
> other projects, where they invest some of their own time and money in.

 yes. been there. didn't receive any return on investment. did some
projects. received about 25% of required money to pay bills.  need
£15k pa; receiving approximately £7-8k.

> >>  I didn't look at
> >> every example again, but AFAIK, this didn't change with 0.7. (Tried with
> >> Python 2.6.4/5 on WinXP/7 with Firefox and Chrome, if that matters).
> > then please issue bugreports for as many as you feel comfortable
> >with / have time for.  
> Ok, will do.

 thanks.  i fixed the lightout one, don't worry about that.

> > no, because they're all intended to work.  ohh... wait... are you
> >referring to some of the django-based ones?  
> No. Having written a few small django apps myself, I'm certainly aware
> about such dependencies. But are you aware that's there is no simple way
> to tell whether certain apps have environment dependencies like this?
> Avoiding examples depending on django is obvious.  What about the
> infohierarchy sample, for example?

 that's reading text files using HTTPRequest (just like the Bookreader
and Slideshow examples), so there's no dependency like that.

 each of the examples, if it has dependencies such as django, it's
assumed that you know how to install and configure django, and there's
instructions in the README to set things up.

> I'm talking about messages like
> lightout TypeError: lightout.RootPanel().,get is no function
> and such.

 hooray!  thank you!  a bugreport!  ok, that was a one line fix:

@@ -85,6 +85,6 @@ class Game(SimplePanel):
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     game = Game(3)
-    RootPanel().get('game').add(game)
+    RootPanel('game').add(game)

 so, don't worry about that one, it's done.  small change to the API
(to support something that someone else needed) had knock-on effects.

> I'll make a list over the weekend.

 thank you.  greatly appreciated.

> >> Given my original motivation for looking into it - may I ask whether
> >> there is a working example for a dnd operation, somewhere?
> > the person who started the port of gwt-dnd requested that they be
> >"left alone" to complete it, but then didn't.  the use of
> >and manual conversion i can do about 1000 lines per day, and people
> >i've guided before usually take about 3x longer than me.  i don't have
> >money to work on even 1 line let alone 1000, so if you'd like to go
> >through the code, converting it and the examples, i'm happy to advise
> >(on thepyjamas-dev list so that other people can contribute as well
> >if they choose).
> Hey, I'm just asking, after looking around for a while and finding none,
> I'm not demanding anything.

 no problem, i understood that you weren't - i was just making it
clear that i know what's involved.

> Thanks for the detailed explaination of how to do a conversion, which
> I've deleted here for brevity. I'll give it a try, but it will require
> some reading.

 be happy to help - on the pyjamas-dev list.  conversion has been
discussed numerous times, there.  i refer people to java2py each time,
so you could search the archives on that.

 thank you wolfgang.


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