using python2.6 on windows without installation

Mirko Vogt lists at
Thu Apr 29 11:25:59 EDT 2010


is there a way to use python2.6 without having used the installation

When I install python2.6 and copy over the python-directory (C:\programs
\python2.6) to another windows host and trying to execute python.exe
there, I get an error that python26.dll could not be found.

On the host where I used the installation routine, python26.dll is
stored in C:\windows\system32 which (obviously) isn't on the host where
I just copied the python directory to.

Is it possible to include python26.dll in the application folder or tell
python not to look in C:\windows\system32 for its library?

Backround is: I'd like to put the python directory on a share which is
mounted by several windows hosts.
That way I do not need to touch every windows host when I'm going to
update a python installation but just the one which is sharing it to all

Thanks a lot in advance!


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