find integers in f.readline()

elsa kerensaelise at
Thu Apr 29 22:22:59 EDT 2010

Hi people,

I'm having a problem getting the info I need out of a file.

I've opened the file with f=open('myFile','r').

Next, I take out the first line with line=f.readline()

line looks like this:

'83927 300023_25_5_09_FL 9086 9134 F3LQ2BE01AQLXF 1 49 + 80

I then split it into parts with parts = line.split()

['83927', '300023_25_5_09_FL', '9086', '9134', 'F3LQ2BE01AQLXF', '1',
'49', '+', '80', 'ZA8Z89HIB7M']

Now, I need to test whether I can call int(parts[0]) or not. Some of
the lines in my file start with a value which represents and integer
(as above), while others are just strings of characters. I want to
extract just the lines like the one above, that start with an integer.
Any suggestions?



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