building python 3 -- _dbm necessary bits

Mark Olbert ChairmanMAO at newsgroups.nospam
Fri Apr 30 17:14:21 CEST 2010


Thanks for the advice.

I looked at the contents of a gdbm-devel package on the web, and compared it, file by file, to my system.

I noticed that the online package had three files:


which on my system are installed in the "root" of /usr/include:


So as a test I created a subdirectory /usr/include/gdbm and made symbolic links in the subdirectory back to those "root" include
files. That allowed the Python make script to find the "necessary bits" for building gdbm support.

What's interesting is that I didn't do anything funky when I built the gdbm libraries. Pretty much a configure/make/make install. So
I suspect I may not be the only one encountering this problem.

Do you know how I can report this issue to the developers so that the Python build script can be modified to look for the gdbm files
in /usr/include?

- Mark

On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 03:44:26 +1000, James Mills <prologic at> wrote:

>On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 3:00 AM, Mark Olbert
><ChairmanMAO at newsgroups.nospam> wrote:
>> Okay. But I compiled & installed gdbm from source obtained from the gnu archive, so I presume the necessary files would be included
>> (this is on a linux system).
>Perhaps check where gdbm has installed it's development sources
>and whether or not the python build scripts can pick it up ? (./configure)
>Also maybe check ./configure options (maybe you're system is different) ?
>Without knowing more about your system I can't offer any further useful advise.

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