The Application cannot locate win32ui.pyd (or Python) (126)

vsoler vicente.soler at
Wed Aug 4 15:35:35 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I just installed python 3.1.2 where I used to have python 2.6.4. I'm
working on Win7.

The IDLE GUI works, but I get the following message when trying to
open *.py files written for py 2.6

        The Application cannot locate win32ui.pyd (or Python) (126)

Should I change the PATH in Windows? Should I change the PYTHONPATH? I
am a bit lost. Everything worked fine with 2.6.

Moreover, when I try to open an old *.py file, I sometimes get a
message saying that the file should be converted to UTF-8. What does
this mean?

I'm also trying to use the 2to3 converter, but I cannot see where the
converted files are written to!

Any help is highly appreciated.

Vicente Soler

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