assigning variables from list data

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Aug 5 16:59:16 CEST 2010

On 08/05/10 09:26, Chris Hare wrote:
> I have a database query result (see code below). In PHP, I
> would have said
> list(var1,var2,var) = $result
> and each element in the list would be assigned to each of the
> named variables. I have my data coming out of the database,
> and I can see it is a list. so my question is, instead of
> having to do the variable assignment as I have it here, is
> there a way more like PHP or am I stuck with it?
> cursor.execute('select * from net where NetNumber> 0')
> list = cursor.fetchone()

First off, I'd not mask the built-in "list", but you can use

   row = cursor.fetchone()
   if row:
     (netNumber, netType, netCond, netStLo, NCS, NCS1) = row
     print "No results"

(just add in the right number of variables to which you want to 
assign to)


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