Python Portability--Not very portable?

W. eWatson wolftracks at
Fri Aug 6 17:00:55 CEST 2010

>> I would think there are some small time and big time Python players who sell
>> executable versions of their programs for profit?
> Yes. What's your point?
That someone must know how to distribute them without having the source 
code ripped off.
>> disutils. Sounds familiar. I'm pretty sure I was using Py2Exe, and disutils
>> might have been part of it.
> distutils.
I don't see ;how distutils is going to solve this problem. Are you 
suggesting the program should be packaged? Why? I can just send it to 
him as py code. distutils looks like it's for library modules, e.g., 
functions like math.
>> So how does one keep a non-Python user in lock step with my setup, so these
>> problems don't arise? I don't even want to think about having him uninstall
>> and re-install. :-) Although maybe he could do it without making matters
>> worse.
> That's going to hinge on what your dependencies are.
> Geremy Condra

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