Python "why" questions

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Sun Aug 8 01:24:32 CEST 2010

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 4:06 PM, Hexamorph <hexamorph at> wrote:
> rantingrick wrote:
>> Well not if you are referring to how people "say" things. But what
>> people "say" and the facts of reality are some times two different
>> things. Heck we even have a few folks in this group who overuse the
>> expression "used to" quite frequently in place of the more correct
>> term "previously" -- i won't give names.
> <RANT>
> Rick, do you know *ANY* other language other than English? Not everybody
> understands English on an Oxford level (and I doubt you do). You're just a
> loud-mouthing (probably incorrect English) idiot. (Spare your comments about
> personal attacks, you're not so stupid to not know why you regularly receive
> such comments)
> Lurking for long enough to know your style. Looking at your Unicode rant,
> combined with some other comments and your general "I am right and you are
> wrong because you disagree with me." style, I came to the conclusion, that
> you are either a faschist or the perfect role model for an imperialistic,
> foreign culture destroying, self-praising, arrogant, ignorant moron.

Rick? Is that you?

Geremy Condra

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