Python Portability

David Cournapeau cournape at
Sun Aug 8 13:08:00 CEST 2010

On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 10:10 AM, W. eWatson <wolftracks at> wrote:
> On 8/7/2010 4:45 PM, Martin v. Loewis wrote:
>>> To add to the msg I just sent to M. Torrie. We are given the msi
>>> programs for Python, PIL,matplotlib, and numpy. The question of how to
>>> uninstall and re-install a different version remains.
>> I'd claim that this is not the real question. The real question is,
>> instead: "What specific error did you get when adding a single minus
>> sign to the program?"
>> Please try answering that question also.
>>> The answer is?
>> I'm not sure I understand the question. What do you mean by "given"?
>> Perhaps "already downloaded locally"?
>> If so, the obvious answer is "Go to Add-Remove-Programs. Uninstall.
>> Then double-click the MSI files." If that is not a good answer:
>> why not?
>> If you want that automated: write a batch file, invoking "msiexec"
>> as necessary.
>> Regards,
>> Martin
> Given. We either download them from various specified sites or newbies get a
> CD when they receive hardware that is used by the sponsor's programs.
> Add-Remove would be a very good answer, except for one thing. Understand
> that I'm in Win7 so CP takes on a different form. On Control Panel
> Add-Remove, I can find exactly two Python files: Python 2.5, and
> python-Numpy-1.2.0. No scipy anything. Well, this is interesting. I just
> noticed Martin v. Loewis on the Python 2.5 entry. That's you, right?

You are conflating so many issues at the same time, it is very
difficult to follow what you are doing.

Concerning the numpy error: you installed a version of scipy which
requires a more recent version of numpy than the one you have. More
concretely, NumpyTest has disappeared since 1.3.0. Unless you have a
good reason not to, I strongly suggest to just use the last released
versions of numpy and scipy (1.4.1 and 0.8.0 respectively).

Note also that Enthought Python Distribution exists to exactly avoid
those issues - they do the packaging hard word so that you don't have

But none of this has anything to do with one character change or portability,



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