Renaming of files in OS directory

Thomas Jollans thomas at
Sun Aug 8 15:13:25 CEST 2010

On 08/08/2010 02:35 PM, blur959 wrote:
> Sorry, This is my first time using the os commands in python, Ok,
> firstly, I entered "C:\" inside raw_input and stored it inside
> fileroot. When i print repr(fileroot), my result was '"C:\\"' . And
> when I run os.listdir with fileroot, I got that error. I typed my
> os.listdir code like this: os.listdir(fileroot)
> I attached my code for reference, thanks again!

Okay, maybe you've already understood the problem now, but in case you
'"C:\\"' is no valid file name. The quotes ("") are part of what you're
passing to the OS here, which you don't want. Just enter the file name
without quotes. (or, if you really want quoting for some reason, you
could manually strip the quotes, or use the shlex module.

> import os, glob
> def fileDirectory():
>     # Ask user for file directory input
>     fileroot = raw_input("Input")
>     print repr(fileroot)
>     #Returns a list with all the files inside the file root
> directory( The error occurs here )
>     os.listdir(fileroot)
> fileDirectory()

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