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Mon Aug 9 03:01:46 CEST 2010

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 Peter <peter.milliken at> wrote:

> Realistically, if the application is anything other than trivial then
> it will most likely have somebody poking around in it at some stage
> who isn't the brightest spark in the firmament. Anybody who produces
> nice, readable and straight forward code in my books gets the tick of
> approval.

What he said.

The first test of good code is that you can understand what you wrote 
six months after you wrote it.

The second test is that you can explain it to some junior programmer a 
couple of cubes away from you, two or three years after you wrote it.

The ultimate test is that some poor schmuck, long after you've moved on 
to another project (or company), can figure out what the heck you wrote, 
ten years later.  And, oh, yeah, the junior programmer who you explained 
it to in the previous paragraph, may be 9 or 12 time zones away from the 
team who is currently maintaining your code, if he's around at all.

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