Replace and inserting strings within .txt files with the use of regex

Νίκος nikos.the.gr33k at
Mon Aug 9 09:07:22 CEST 2010

Now the code looks as follows:


import re, os, sys

id = 0  # unique page_id

for currdir, files, dirs in os.walk('test'):

	for f in files:

		if f.endswith('php'):

			# get abs path to filename
			src_f = join(currdir, f)

			# open php src file
			print ( 'reading from %s' % src_f )
			f = open(src_f, 'r')
			src_data =		# read contents of PHP file

			# replace tags
			print ( 'replacing php tags and contents within' )
			src_data = re.sub( '<?(.*?)?>', '', src_data )

			# add ID
			print ( 'adding unique page_id' )
			src_data = ( '<!-- %d -->' % id ) + src_data
			id += 1

			# add template variables
			print ( 'adding counter template variable' )
			src_data = src_data.replace('</body>', '<br><br><center><h4><font
color=green> Αριθμός Επισκεπτών: %(counter)d </body>' )

			# rename old php file to new with .html extension
			src_file = src_file.replace('.php', '.html')

			# open newly created html file for inserting data
			print ( 'writing to %s' % dest_f )
			dest_f = open(src_f, 'w')
			dest_f.write(src_data)		# write contents

I just tried to test it. I created a folder names 'test' in me 'd:\'
Then i have put to .php files inside form the original to test if it
would work ok for those too files before acting in the whole copy and
after in the original project.

so i opened a 'cli' form my Win7 and tried



Itsjust printed an empty line and nothign else. Why didn't even try to
open the folder and fiels within?
Syntactically it doesnt ghive me an error!
Somehting with os.walk() methos perhaps?

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