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> Lurking for long enough to know your style. Looking at your Unicode 
> rant, combined with some other comments and your general "I am right 
> and you are wrong because you disagree with me." style, I came to 
> the conclusion, that you are either a faschist or the perfect role 
> model for an imperialistic, foreign culture destroying, 
> self-praising, arrogant, ignorant moron.

IOW, the "Ugly American".

I assure you that we here in the US are aware of the problem and do
try to keep them from annoying the rest of the world by providing them
with an abundance of junk food, bad television, worse movies, and a
variety of sporting events tailored to their tastes.

Unfortunately the advent of cheap air-travel in the latter half of the
20th century has allowed small groups of them to escape and wander
about various parts of the world (mainly Europe) in search of KFCs
while complaining about the toilets, the food, the money, the weather,
the roads, the cars, and so on.  They are easily identified by their
cloathing and their believe that everybody understands English if you
speak it loudly and slowly while accompanying it with exaggerated,
mostly-random hand gestures.

Just avoid them if possible.  Don't worry, the less contact they have
with "furriners" the happier they are (which makes one wonder why they
leave their home territories -- reasearch on that topic is ongoing). 
Unfortunately, if you work in the hospitality industries there's not
much you can do other than grit your teeth, cross you fingers, and
hope you'll end up with a batch that over-tips.

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