freeze function calls

Santiago Caracol santiago.caracol at
Tue Aug 10 15:56:56 CEST 2010

> Run the above with
> $ python
> Serving on port 8000...

Thanks a lot for this code. The problem with it is that the whole
application IS a generator function. That means that if I run the code
at, say, then any user that visits the site will augment the
answer number of the server running at What I am trying to do
is to process specific queries for different users. Each user is
supposed to get his very own answers to his very own questions. And if
a user doesn't hit the <More answers>-button during a certain period
of time, the generator or function call reponsible for answering his
question is supposed to be killed or thrown-away or forgotten. If the
user asks a new question (while the answers to the old question are
still being displayed), then the generator or function call is also
supposed to be forgotten and a new generator or function call -- one
that matches the user's new question -- is supposed to be initiated.


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