GUI automation tool (windows)

Alex Barna alex.lavoro.propio at
Thu Aug 12 00:45:44 CEST 2010

I'm afraid that my first post has not been understood correctly and
most of the following posts are OT, as Ben Finney indicated.

The GUI automation has a long history, perhaps since the first
windowing system was invented. For years I've been doing this using
several different technologies/languages. But to my surprise, this
ares is not very *cultivated* by Pythonistas. Many projects (see the
link in my first post) have lost the love of their maintainers and
have not been updated for years.

Except one, pywinauto, which has a recent release in April. However,
the community activity (mailing list) is very low, website and
documentation have not been updated for long also. All this freaks me
out on adopting a technology like this :

- is there still anyone using it ?
- what if I encounter a problem but no body replies me in the mailing
list ?

Comparing with the rival AutoIt, using a BASIC-like language, which I
don't like at all, has hundreads of post in the users' forum everyday.

It makes me doubt: is Python the correct language to do GUI
automation ?

P.S.: hopefully it has been clarified, my original intention of the
post is not to debate/discuss:
- *why* automating GUI ?
- whether GUI/CLI is better.
- the points GUI or CLI is designed for.
Obvious they are all OT.

Alex Barna.

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