looping through possible combinations of McNuggets packs of 6,9 and 20

Brian Victor homeusenet4 at brianhv.org
Thu Aug 12 21:00:17 CEST 2010

Baba wrote:
> def can_buy(n_nuggets):
> can_buy(55)
> as you can see i am trying to loop through all combinations of values
> bewtween 1 and n_nuggets and when the equation resolves it should
> return True, else it should return False.
> I was hoping that when i then call my function and ask it to test a
> value nothing happens. What is wrong? My syntax? My semantic? Both?

You're calling the function, but you're not doing anything with the
result.  If you use "print can_buy(55)" you'll see the result on the
console.  Presumably you'll actually want to use it in an if statement.


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